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Witisms and Wisdomisms


  • “Fabulous show last night in New Brunswick! As always. Started reading your book and could hardly put it down to get chores done.”Joy

  • “To  Bobby Collins with the biggest heart in the world…bought the book…terrific…wish I had read it 27 years ago.”Norman

  • “Hey Bobby, I am more than 3/4 through your book–wow! Please know that your book came to me through God! At a time when I needed to be reminded of, and learn, some the lessons you share in your book– and there it was. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your life and this book. Seriously, you will have no idea how positively this has impacted me. Thank you Bobby! Thank you!”Bill

  • “Bobby’s book was so heartfelt and real. His honesty, forthrightness, talent and compassion for people is truly inspiring. As a parent of a disabled child, I am in awe of your dedication and unconditional love for your family and know how challenging under the best of circumstance life can be. God, Family and Career, you are the man!”Patti

  • “I finished your book Sunday night (sorry it took me a couple of days to send this!). It was fantastic; and I really mean it. I truly loved it and I feel like those of us who have followed you for decades have been able to get to know you so much better as a person, and now as an author …terrific.”Liana

  • “Bobby, the book “On The Inside ” is wonderful , the insight , the lessons and the humor really struck home and I know if will be on the New York Times best seller list soon …thank you”Monica

  • “Your book brought back so many good memories and lessons I learned but forgot about and still need to apply in my life. Thank you, Bobby!”Frank

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